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Digital Marketing for Southeast, Tennessee

Where Your Business Begins

Apollo Digital Media is a digital marketing agency working in the Cleveland, TN Area. We specialize in helping small business owners break into internet marketing. At Apollo Digital Media, we strive to bring excellence to local companies seeking a competitive advantage with digital media. We will help you create the perfect image online.

Our services include:

Web Design

With our web design service we create an optimized web site for digital marketing. Each web site gets an exclusive theme of your choice to attract the perfect customer. Our websites help you lower your digital advertising costs by bringing relevance to your page. Not to mention giving you a beautiful page in the process.

PPC Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising can take your business to the next level. Google’s annual search volume is estimated to be getting close to breaking into trillions. Take a minute to process that number. That is A LOT of searches. Every one of them has 4 ad slots at the top. Do you want to be in that top section? If you aren’t, chances are low that your business will be clicked over your competitions. At Apollo Digital Media we can help get that top spot of search ads. With that top spot you will see an increase in traffic.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. You’ve probably heard this term being thrown around the business world. All of this fancy jargon boils down to one thing. Free advertising. You heard that right, Free. Now you are probably thinking how is free even possible anymore. Well, this is what the digital marketing world calls organic traffic. This traffic comes directly from the search engines to your site and is not a paid placement. SEO is essentially following the best practices (and a few tricks) to making you show up in the search results.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is mainly about logos. A logo is everything in the digital world. From an app icon to that little icon in the top of your browser tab. That’s a favicon, isn’t it cute? We will build you a custom logo that goes with the theme of your business. How important is a logo? Just think about that every time you open your smart phone and click on an app.

Social Media Management

Social Media hit the marketing world like a train on steroids. Now everyone can connect with anyone anywhere. Can they connect to your business? We can create and manage a variety of social networks accounts. From the titans Facebook and Twitter to even some lesser known ones. Surprise us with one we haven’t heard of and receive a discount. That is a big challenge since we do our homework. What does this mean for you? Well, as a bonus to our management service, we will add new social networks to the list of your current managed networks for no extra charge.

Local Listing Maintenance

Local listings are how your customer finds your physical location. Consumers are going to their mobile devices more and more to find the best shops, restaurants, etc. Is your business information on these sites up to date? Most aren’t. That is where we come in. We will continually update your local listing information as your business grows and changes. Moving locations? No problem! We will take your online presence with you. Now your customers can always find you.


Photography is a new service that we are starting to offer. Of course we’ve been taking pictures for a while! However, now we offer this service to you. Small businesses have an ever increasing need for high quality photos. From advertising to company bios, we will keep you up to date with only the highest quality photos. All of this is available locally at a low cost.

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Digital Marketing services for small business. Apollo Digital Media is a full-service digital agency that specializes in Web Design, PPC, and SEO